The Town of New Site’s governing body is comprised of a six-member group; Mayor and a five-member council.  Our goal is to make the best choices for all the citizens of our community.

New Site uses a mayor-council form of government and all officials must live within the incorporated town limits of New Site to qualify for office.  The council is elected (at-large) to fill the five council seats.  The council meets the first and third Monday of the month at 5:00 p.m. in the Community Room in the Town Hall.

The town council determines the budget, often derived from a recommendation from the mayor and the town clerk.

During its regular meetings, the council also makes decisions regarding the town’s water department, personnel, police department and park and recreation department.

The mayor has the authority to sit with the town council at its meetings.  The mayor can make recommendations and introduce issues and he/she can vote on the ordinances and resolutions.  The mayor must sign all ordinances and resolutions before they can go into effect.

The town clerk may not have voting power, but does have an active role in town government.  The clerk’s office is responsible for arranging the council’s agenda for the meetings, determines the rules of order, keeps records of the meetings and sits in on budget meetings.

Every four years, New Site residents elect a mayor and town council members to serve their community.